Dahlia Foundation Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation & De-Addiction Centre, Mumbai

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the typical duration of the alcohol or drug rehabilitation program?

The duration of the alcohol rehabilitation or drug rehabilitation program is from 3 to 5 months. Typically, it takes an individual about 3 months to practice the program at our deaddiction and rehabilitation centre at Nadgaon, near Mumbai and then we observe and guide them for the rest of the period. This also depends on the families decision. However, in extreme cases, the program can be extended with the families consent.

Q. What are the costs involved?

Our charges are Rs. 10,000/- (Ten Thousand) per month. This includes the stay, food (breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, tea and dinner), medical checkups by our doctors, counselling by in-house and visiting counsellors and medicines. These charges are extremely conservative compared to most other alcohol rehab centres in Mumbai or drug rehab centres in Mumbai.

However, if some specialized medicine is required for an individual it is charged as a miscellaneous fee. Any other needs of the patients like snacks from outside or stationary etc. are also charged miscellaneous. There are no other hidden charges.

Q. Do you provide family counselling?

Yes. Family counseling is very a very important aspect of drug and alcohol deaddiction and rehabilitation. It is imperative to resolve misunderstandings and resentments. We recommend the family to visit the individual once a month at our rehabilitation centre after the first two months. We also advise the family in helping the individual re-integrate into normal social life.

Q. Are there any chances of relapse after leaving the deaddiction and rehabilitation program?

Yes. There may be some cases of relapse after the patient finishes his tenure of the deaddiction and rehabilitation program. These are completely avoidable if the patient and the family follow some after-care guidelines that we provide. The guidelines are -

  • Follow up with the rehabilitation centre twice a month at least for 3 months after the program
  • Calling up  the counselor at least five times a week for guidance for 3 months.
  • Calling up whenever faced with a challenging situation or being tempted at parties etc. to avoid immediate craving or peer pressure.
  • Avoiding all slippery grounds like people, places and things that triggered the addiction
  • Follow the regiments, schedules and practices like meditation, prayer practiced in the program.

Q. Are there any age limits or health conditions that you would not admit a patient for?

Age is usually not a limit. However, we expect the family to be totally honest about any severe medical conditions like liver cirrhosis or kidney and heart problems or injuries. However you may call us and we may recommend you to admit such patients to an appropriate hospital first. It only makes sense to admit a person to a drug rehab centre or a alcohol rehab centre  once he is physically stable.

Q. Why is the Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre located far away outside city limits?

There are several reasons for this. The city is usually the addiction ground where the patient has already been exposed to the temptations and also emotional triggers. The quiet surroundings available outside the city disconnect the patient from these triggers and enable them to reflect on their attitudes and thought patterns.

Keeping a patient in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre within the city has the critical disadvantage of being in proximity to their home and workplace. They will sub-conciously create thoughts of going back for some reason or the other. If encouraged, the person will never complete the program in a continuous single run and keep having breaks.

The clean air and the greenery, temperature and other environmental factors contribute towards physical recovery in the deaddiction process.

That is why we chose Nadgaon, Shahpur-Mrubad Road in Thane district. It is near enough to Mumbai, Nashik and Pune and easily accessible for the families to visit the patients periodically.

How do we handle withdrawals in our Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab process?

We do not rely on the usage of psychotropic drugs to enable patients deal with withdrawals. Pyschotropic drugs have a temporary relief. We understand that the withdrawal process may be difficult for a patient to handle. But relying on pyschotropic drugs will make the patient dependent on them and the patient will most likeley relapse once he stops using them. 

Therefore in out drug rehab centre /alcohol rehab centre, we rely on the human bodie's natural self-healing capabilities. We provde the support system for the de-addiction to be eased by providing good nutrition, plenty of rest, basic medications like multi-vitatimins and nutritional supplements, We also help him cope up with emotional upheavels by having a counselor by his side, giving him the emotional support and advice. We also teach him basic Yoga -Pranayam excercises that is based on breathing control. Also, the counselor teaches him some basic meditation. This helps calm his mind.

We also provide him with books of his choice and indoor recreational sports like Carom and Chess to keep his mind occupied constructively.

What is the difference between an alcohol rehabilitation centre and a drug rehabilitation centre ?

Alcohol is a mood altering substance. In fact, it should be looked upon as a drug in it's own right. It deprives a person physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually just like any other drug. Therefor the process of healing for both are the same. The difference only lies in handling the physical and emotional sympoms during the withdrawal process. Therefore, technically there is no difference between an alcohol rehabilitation centre or a drug rehabilitation centre.Some rehab centres may specialize only in alcohol or drug rehab. We provide both the services and see very good results in both areas.

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