Dahlia Foundation Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation & De-Addiction Centre, Mumbai


Dahlia Foundation, Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center, near Mumbai is located at Nadgaon, Shahpur-Murbad Road, Near Asangaon Station, Thane District, Maharashtra.

 In today's fast paced lifestyle, addiction has become a growing social malady. Individuals from all walks and classes of life are increasingly being trapped in this quagmire. Our Organization was founded in October 2010. Since then,  we have successfully treated several individuals afflicted for drug deaddiction and alcohol deaddiction. Keeping this in mind and the growing number of addiction cases, we have striven to study and analyze the best approaches used in drug rehabilitation centres and alcohol rehabilitation centers across the world, thus continuously used our learnings  to develop our own unique methodology.

Alcohol addiction is and was always an extremely underestimated affliction as compared to drug addiction. But it is as equally dangerous to the individual, his/her family and society at large. Drug Addiction, which was originally limited to parties and extremely affluent classes has now taken a very dangerous form. It has now spread to the homes of the middle and low income households too. Drug addiction is rampant in colleges and introduced early in the careers of those working in the new age economy driven by call centres, BPOs, IT companies which offers good money at a young age. Apart from this, even school children are not spared these days. Its quite common to see 16-18 year old children who are completely addicted to drugs and alcohol. The dangerous truth is that a child may be exposed to drugs at as early as 14 years of age.

To compound this problem, a new genre of drugs based purely on synthetic chemicals are invading the streets. Unlike brown sugar, heroin or cocaine which were made from plant extracts,  some drugs are easily manufactured in small shanties in cities. The effects of such drugs are even more deadly and lasting as they corrode the body within a few months.

Our Mission

 To re-introduce those affected by alcohol and drug addiction to the brighter side of life and to re-integrate them into their families and societies as addiction-free productive individuals.

Our approach to Drug and Alcohol Deaddiction and Rehabilitation

There is a tendency to look at drug addiction and alcohol addiction as purely physical dependence on these substances. Sometimes, patients are treated with psychotropic drugs. These drugs are nothing but mood and mind altering  substances themselves.  Patients tend to show some signs of recovery for a short while. But over-dependence on such drugs themselves become an addiction and may even lose their potency as the patient's body develops resistance to them. By the time, the families and well-wishers realize this mistake, it could have led to massive physical, psychological and even brain damage like loss of memory, change in temperament or even worse conditions.

Drug deaddiction, just like alcohol deaddiction can never be singularly addressed by medication alone.Addiction is a life-style problem that affects a person in Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually.

We strive to rid the individual of all these anomalies.  We do not believe in excessive use of medication and use it only to help the addict to fight the withdrawal symptoms for the first few weeks. Over a couple of months, most medicines are replaced by multivitamins and a good diet and a regular time schedule. 

This develops the self-confidence and the self-will of the patient to live and function without drugs or any other alternative substitute. This program focuses on relaxation and self-realization couple with counseling that enables the patient to recover from physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

We realize the difference between the terms deaddiction and rehabilitation.

Drug deaddiction and alcohol deaddiction is the process of negating the dependence of the body and the mind of the patient on chemical substances.

Drug rehabilitation, similar to Alcohol Rehabilitation,  is the process of removing bad attitudes, behaviors, resentments and thought patterns  acquired during the addiction phase and replacing them with discipline, responsibility and integrity to enable them to function appropriately in society thus making them productive and dependable individuals and family persons.

Majority of people are not aware of the intricacies of the drug rehabilitation and alcohol rehabilitation process. To know more details please view our sections on alcohol rehabilitation and drug rehabilitation.




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